Style & Branding Guidelines

Retail Standards

Use of Michigan State trademarks for merchandise must be consistent with the Michigan State University Style Guide. The document below outlines identity standards for licensees and retailers.

Michigan State University Style Guide (PDF)

University Brand Standards

The Michigan State University brand is built upon the fundamental truth of our history and the strength of our identity. The way our brand is expressed - its look, feel and tone - reflects what Michigan State University is and aspires to become. The MSU brand website provides outlines and minimum identity standards required for university materials and logos, and provides guidelines that show how to work with various elements of the brand (fonts, patterns, photography, etc.)

Sparty Mascot Brand Standards

Since the current mascot was introduced in 1989, the MSU Alumni Office has had the honor of overseeing the Sparty Mascot Program. It's because of this tradition, the MSU Alumni Office is dedicated to maintaining the MSU mascot brand and ensuring it is used correctly in all areas across campus and elsewhere. The Sparty Brand book details all appropriate usage of the current Sparty illustrations, mascot armor, signature, event visits and more. With this book as a guideline, Sparty's brand will be just as strong as his muscles.

Sparty Brand Guide (PDF)