Apply For Crafter License

A crafter license is available to individuals who make items by hand at home and do not intend to sell these items wholesale to retail stores, but instead sell their hand-crafted items at fairs, farmers' markets, and online (i.e. This license is ideal for fans and alumni who are interested in producing small quantities of merchandise.

Through this program, crafters enter into a simple contract with Michigan State University that grants permissions to individuals to produce and sell licensed products displaying MSU indicia.


  • Obtain permission and approval prior to using MSU trademarks on any product
  • Show a sample of the product to the MSU licensing office. It is important that crafters attempt to match our MSU green (PMS 567) as close as possible when applicable.
  • Enter into a one-year contract
  • Pay $100 application and royalty fee for the year
  • Only sell items directly to individuals at festivals, fairs, events or online. No wholesales or sales to any third-party retailers are permitted.
  • Sell no more than 400 units or $2000 worth of merchandise in one contract year.
  • Purchase and display "Collegiate Licensed Product" holograms on products ($5 per 50 holograms)
Apply for a Crafter License.