Advertising Policy

Many businesses and individuals wish to capitalize on the popularity and reputation of Michigan State University by including university trademarks in advertising. These guidelines address the university's policy and proper use.


Direct or indirect, implied or inferred institutional endorsement by MSU is prohibited. The use of any name, logo, picture, building, landmark or other image of the university is not permitted in advertising by private individuals or companies. The identification of an individual's relationship to MSU is acceptable as long as there is an affiliation and there is no confusion as to institutional endorsement. When MSU is to be used to identify a location, the proper wording should be "Serving the MSU community" or "Providing services to MSU students." In this context, MSU should not be used to imply an endorsement but to describe the overall campus community and city of East Lansing.

Use of Photos in Advertising

Advertising may not contain photos with readily identifiable MSU buildings or landmarks or photos of persons wearing MSU team uniforms that are not commonly available in the marketplace. Photos of individuals wearing standard MSU apparel, such as a sweatshirt, may be acceptable, but must be approved by the licensing office.

MSU Products in Advertising

Businesses selling officially licensed MSU products may use those products in their advertising. There must be no implication that the business is endorsed by the university. A statement such as "selling officially licensed MSU products" may be used.